Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Impressions: Starcraft II

Since I am not a professional critic (yet), I don't feel right calling this an official review. Instead I will just give you my feelings on the subject at hand. Impressions be my articles devoted to these pseudo-reviews. They won't be full reviews, but I'll share my thoughts with you.

So, for my first Impressions piece...

It's safe to say that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is one of the biggest launches of the year. Its predecessor was, and probably still is, played all across the globe by some of the most the diehard fans. But Blizzard's sequel delivers an experience that not only recalls the original, but improves upon the basic formula in such a way that it could single-handedly revive a struggling genre.

A Little Introduction

So you know what you're getting yourself into, I'll give you a little explanation and introduction. A prologue, if you will, to future posts on Oven-Blaked. I'll cover the 5 W's and tell you a bit about myself in the process. After that, you can decide whether you wish to keep following my blog. Or not.

The power to choose is, and always shall be, yours (I would appreciate you sticking around though).


I am Blake Gabriel Tan. I graduated Hoover High School in 2010 and will be attending the E.W. Scripps School for Journalism at Ohio University in the fall. I love to write; innumerable forests of pages to unfinished stories (sorry, Earth) lie lost in my room. I write stories, both short and long fiction. I've tried my hand at poetry, but after senior AP English and studying the intricacies of poetry, I have given up. Additionally, I enjoy opinion writing (which is partially why I started this blog in the first place). I find my ideas to be more coherent and my delivery more eloquent when written (or typed).


Well, it's going to be my personal blog. You'll find my opinion here on various (mostly random) subjects, as well as reviews of movies, books, and video games, short stories, and excerpts from my longer stories. I will refrain from posts that simply complain or whine. However, I reserve the right to critique. I don't want to waste Web space or, more importantly, your time. You may also find cartoons I've doodled make their way onto here.


This is an easy one. It can be found right here on Blogger. I will also try to link future posts to Facebook and Twitter as well.


Starting from this point onward to an undefined time in the future. I will try to post at least once a week, though more or less than that is possible.


The biggest question of all. Why, oh, why? Maybe it's just to jump on the bandwagon of the modern, digital age so I can be one of those posh bloggers (or vloggers) and I can sit at Starbucks and chit-chat about nonsense. Maybe. I can neither confirm or deny such rumors.

It is safe to say that I am blogging because I like to write. I like to hope that the remainder of my summer is not just spent on Starcraft II and to prove to myself that I can do something productive (the productive nature of blogging can be argued, but I rest my case).

And ever since graduation I haven't written an opinion piece since the senior issue of The Viking Views. Since my eventual wish is to write for Game Informer or an entertainment magazine, I thought it prudent to continue using my opinion-writing skills. It's the only way to keep them sharp after all.

So, from here on out, it will be Half-Blaked by me, your host, Blake Tan. Enjoy and I hope you continue following my posts in the future.