Monday, February 6, 2012

Notebook: Summer

Hey, reader. It's been a while, I know. I've spent a lot of time elsewhere on the Internet, keeping busy with the life, but I thought I'd swing by my poor, dilapidated blog and leave a gift for those faithful followers who actually decide to check out Half-Blaked every now and then.

The following is a poem I wrote for the poetry workshop class I'm taking this quarter. I have to admit, this has been the best class I've taken at Ohio University yet. I've learned so much about writing, poetry, and myself and have grown as a writer so much already. And it's only midterm week!

Anyways, note that this poem, like all my poems, is a draft. It may be edited, changed, deleted (hopefully not this) at any whim. Poetry is living art and the best writing comes with revision. Please, enjoy it while it's here and tell me what you think! I mean, I'm baring my soul here!


I love a summer girl whose feathered tresses,
like a gilded crown atop her head –
straw spun into gold –
strangle my finger.