Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Police Cruisers of Athens, Ohio

Kyle Newport
Eric Sagonowsky
The Athens Police Department and Ohio University Police Department have a long history of cooperation.

Both departments carry out joint patrols of the city and the campus.

Capt. Ralph Harvey said these patrols are currently carried out in the Athens PD cruisers.

The Athens police has only five cars, which can put a strain on the department's resources.

OUPD, located in the Scott Quadrangle, will be receiving another police cruiser.

Both departments are encouraging the citizens of Athens to participate in designing the car.

The community will submit the designs as a part of a competition to be judged by the Joint Police Advisory Council.

These designs must meet several guidelines.

One of these guidelines is that the design must bear the logos of both police departments and the city of Athens.

There is no timetable when this project will be finished, but a new cruiser will help both departments better serve and protect the community.

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