Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Want to Be a 'Mad Man'...

Not really, but I have been watching the show for the past week and I just cannot stop. There is a certain glamour and allure to the high life Mad Men presents as typical of the '60s, mired as it is in the blood and sweat of sexism, racism, and other numerous -isms. The characters are terrible, terrible people, but they are so transfixing to watch.

Don Draper, played by the ever-so-manly Jon Hamm, is the creative director at advertising firm Sterling Cooper. He is paradoxically a gentleman and a blackguard. One moment, he'll be defending his secretary from the lecherous advances of his peers, and the next he'll be sending his wife to see a psychologist. To pin more badges on his protagonist lapel, he's got a mysterious history and charming personality. I want to admire him, but I feel so guilty when I do.

Part of Mad Men's attraction is invested in its setting. The 1960s were not that long ago, but the show presents a world that could have been set on Mars or Middle-earth. For me, seeing '60s America is just as fascinating as exploring Westeros in Game of Thrones. The show is brutally honest too; Mad Men's main characters are rich, white men and they are bastards towards women, blacks, Jews, and pretty much anyone who isn't a rich, white man. Some shows set in the '60s might avoid this tarnished section of American history, but Mad Men embraces it.

Christina Hendricks... That woman has a ridiculously good-looking body
The characters and the setting combined makes for a show that I cannot believe I missed. Thankfully, it's on Netflix so I know I'll be able to get my fix. About this same time last year, my TV obsession was Battlestar Galactica, but I think I'll be trading her battered corridors and Cylon infiltrators for '60s Manhattan and Christina Hendricks.

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