Friday, September 16, 2011

'Mark of the Assassin' Looks Just Like 'Stolen Memory'

After playing three generations of BioWare games (Baldur's Gate II, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc.) I've started to fear that their creative juice-boxes are beginning to run empty. Then, I saw the trailer for "Mark of the Assassin," which is the newly-announced DLC for Dragon Age II, and my fear was confirmed.

Day playing Tallis in Redemption
Other than featuring the nonetheless talented Felicia Day as the titular assassin, Tallis, whom she is playing in a six-part webseries called Dragon Age: Redemption, "Mark of the Assassin" is the exact same thing as the "Stolen Memory" DLC for Mass Effect 2.

Swap the guns and sci-fi setting for swords and bloody fantasy and you have identical content! I hope to God that this happened because BioWare has been so busy working on Mass Effect 3 that they couldn't be bothered to create a new story. That, or they just plagiarized themselves.

"Stolen Memory" had Commander Shepard helping Kasumi Goto commit a heist against the fancy, schmancy backdrop of Donovan Hock's party. "Mark of the Assassin"has Hawke helping Tallis steal an artifact of some kind from a highly-guarded fortress.

What the hell, BioWare? You guys are purposely re-packaging your own content and asking your loyal customers to cough up $10 to play it? And you are furthering the theory that Dragon Age II is really just "Dragon Effect." Nice.

If you don't believe me, watch the trailers for the DLCs below and compare them.

I'm right, aren't I?

It's too bad though because it's very cool that Felicia Day gets to have her own likeness in a game she has said to have thoroughly enjoyed. But, as a gamer, I was hoping far, far more from the talented BioWare.

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