Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Journal of a Survivor: Day 1

Humans vs. Zombies has started down here at Ohio University. It's a game of dart tag that spans the entire week, where "human" players have to survive for as long as they can against an ever-growing horde of "zombies." Every human who is infected (his bandanna on his arm is grabbed), then he joins the zombie horde.

This is my account of the zombie apocalypse, the journal of a survivor. I'll keep recording every day for as long as I am uninfected. If I fall, then the zombie version of me will record a zombified record. I'm just that smart.

Starting around 11, the human players embarked from Morton Hall, armed to the teeth with a veritable arsenal of Nerf guns. The heavily-armed, gung-ho Red Team tried to keep everybody safe, forming a perimeter outside of the building while team leaders tried to piece together the clues given out at the opening meeting. There was an atmosphere of barely-contained fear, people watching the edges of the gathering area, pointing their weapons at anything that moved.

The team I ran with quickly moved out, making our way to South Green, where our clues pointed us in the direction of a person crucial to the survival effort. Our army made good time, eventually finding the Engineer hiding in a construction area. We escorted her to West Green. Tensions ran high, all of us expecting a horde of zombies to erupt from every bush. But we worked together well, everyone doing their job and no one being overly bossy. We were looking out for each other's butts.

My partner and I split off from the larger band, moving out with a strike team of four former members of Red Team. We followed a circuitous patrol, sweeping the areas on West Green for any hiding zombies. Our suspicions were unfounded and we didn't run into any zombies, only several spooked civvies.

The engineer was safely escorted and the South Green team I belonged to, consisting of about 5 guys, started making our way back home. But upon reaching College Green, we heard the unmistakable zombie moan of "Brains!" We saw a group of humans, hounded by a pack of zombies in full retreat. We hit the zombies from the back, several of us laying down fire. I personally shot two.

Other groups of humans rallied on our position and the zombies fell back. I took the moment to try to locate the darts I had fired and to reload my Mavericks. That was how I almost got "nommed." Someone yelled, "Zombies!" and panic broke out. I turned and ran for the closest group of humans. Call it cowardly but it was the instinct of survival.

Some of the humans I had run to belonged to a strike team named Universe, who had been recently recognized in the HvZ Hall of Fame. Their officers were trying to order the mob of survivors into firing lines and I heard some of them yell, "Raj-Singh," which put a smile on my face even amidst the chaos and panic. It was a reference to the Reinforced Square employed by the Indians in World War Z.

The zombie horde was cut down by the sheer number of Nerf darts. I located the other members of my team and we decided to start heading back to South Green. We took a route other than Morton Hill and Jeff Hill, instead using the steps located behind one of the buildings all the way down to East Green. Other than a few encounters with small groups of zombies, who fled as we approached, we made it safely back home.

And so Day 1 ends. For now, the humans have the advantage of numbers. But I feel come tomorrow, the tables will be turned and our skills will be tested. I pray we make it that long.


  1. safe.....until i burst out of your closet tonight and eat you in you sleep