Friday, October 1, 2010

Guild Wars 2 Team Covers Their Loot System, Hints at Crafting

ArenaNet's John Hargrove posted on the official ArenaNet blog, discussing the as-of-yet mysterious reward system. He addresses the four principles the Guild Wars 2 team kept in mind while designing the looting mechanics:
  1. "Everybody gets a swing at the proverbial pinata"
  2. "Rewards should be worth obtaining"
  3. "Players should look the way they want to look"
  4. "Players should be able to look truly unique"
  5. "Upgrading your gear should be fun"

It goes without saying that this is exciting news. The ArenaNet devs have been a bit close-lipped about loot, mentioning something about karma and that we wouldn't be stuck waiting to drop the same boss a hundred times just to get one piece of gear.

Now, to sum up the article: Hargrove states that Guild Wars 2 players will get equal chances in scoring a rare piece of loot. There's no "need/greed" system or rolling for one helmet or something for the entire party. This goes the same for gathering from resource nodes (which is a definite nod towards some kind of crafting system).

Hargrove also hints at something that may be the most exciting part about this post: "Presently each of our dungeons has, at a bare minimum, one complete, visually unique reward set that includes a full set of light armor, a full set of medium armor, a full set of heavy armor, as well as one entire set of weaponry that is unique to that dungeon." Absorb that for a little bit. Yes, this means there's going to be a heck of a lot of visual goodies in Guild Wars 2.

The third point the ArenaNet dev makes is that players will get a say in how they look. Hargrove mentions Transmutation Stones, purchasable at the in-game store, which allows you to fuse one armor's stats with another armor's appearance, letting you look how you want to look. There's been no word as to the cost of this service, but it's good to know that ArenaNet is giving you the choice to customize your look. Also, going on with Kristen Perry's earlier blog post about the dye system, Hargrove talks about letting players customize how they look.

Finally, he discusses upgrading your gear with crests. Hargrove uses the Crest of the Legion as an example, saying that players will be able to create their own custom sets by using crests to stack cumulative bonuses, affecting stats such as Intelligence, Perception, or Critical Chance. The dev claims that this will allow players to tweak their gear to their liking.

Overall, this is great news for Guild Wars 2, showing fans that ArenaNet is taking the right steps. Every bit of news just adds to the excitement and hype, so come on, A-Net, can we get a release date from you yet? Or at least another profession release?

Read the full post here.

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